Help this family find the driver of a hit-and-run.


6.45pm Sunday 30th June 2019, Tuanaimato.  This family’s car was in a hit-and-run when they were struck from behind by a ‘black Prado’ this evening along the Tuanaimato Road across from the Samoa Soccer Federation field.

Going over a speed bump, the Mom who was driving says they were shocked when their car was suddenly struck by the speeding vehicle. The driver then accelerated past them and they couldn’t get the license plate.

“It looked like a prado and it was black.”

There were two young children sitting in the back of the car and their grandparents and mom say they are just so grateful that their babies were not hurt.

Assessing the damage the Mom says, “whatever the damage is doesn’t matter, as long as the children are safe.”

The Grandpa in the car said he looked up after making sure the children were ok and could only see the first few numbers.

“It looked like a 1 and a 7, but the driver sped off so quickly;

“A truck following the car that hit us then called out to us that they would follow and try to catch up with it, but they also said that it was a prado.”

“Our front tyres hadn’t quite passed over the speed bump when, bang! We got hit;

“Before we could concentrate on looking at the license plate, it sped past us and drove off.”

Please call the Police on Ph 22222 with any information that you might have to help this family find the owner/driver of the vehicle that hit them this Sunday evening.

Or if you are the person who hit this family’s car and you’ve had a change of heart, please call 7787159 to reconcile and offer to pay for the damages.

Hit and run on a Sunday evening at Tuanaimato