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Director Of Health Says Deungue Fever Unlikely

Director Of Health Says Deungue Fever Unlikely

The Director General of Health, Leausa Dr. Take Naseri has brushed off claims that a 14 year girl has died from typhoid and dengue fever.

In an interview with Samoa Global news, Leausa said he is waiting for the 14 year old’s death certificate from the pathologist at the hospital laboratory.

“There is no confirmation for the cause of death but it is unlikely typhoid or dengue fever,” he said.

He confirmed that there is no dengue fever outbreak in Samoa at the moment, but did add that there are cases of typhoid presented every month.

“I’m not sure because the paper mentioned a doctor and yet we don’t know who the doctor is,” Leausa added.

“I am waiting for the death certificate from the lab, and we are trying our best to make sure the cause of death is as accurate as possible.

“Ae e iai a possibility o complications o isi mea.

“It seems to be sepsis or septicaemia which is where an overwhelming infection enters into the blood stream and can cause multi system failure.

He said it is most likely not typhoid because typhoid can cause bleeding.

“At the moment we currently have no confirmation on the cause of death of the 14 year old but once we have the death certificate we will let you know.”

A representative of the young girls family, Leota Faaui Mika Samuelu, told the Samoa Observer newspaper last week that the doctors advised the family that she had died due to typhoid and dengue fever which caused the failure of her vital organs — her kidneys, lungs and liver.



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