Health Director Gives Assurance of Samoa’s Stringent Border Control Measures


The Ministry of Health Director General, Leausa Dr Take Naseri has allayed fears that Samoa’s borders would be affected by a cargo ship that had traveled through Fiji, entering Samoa earlier this week on the 8th of September.

During an NEOC press conference, Leausa said all vessels entering the Apia wharf are pre approved by the Ministry of Health and subjected to closely monitored protocols.

The cargo ship Southern Pearl had been in Fiji and then to American Samoa before it entered Samoa on Wednesday 8 September.

Leausa gave his assurance that Samoa’s border control protocols have been stringent from the very beginning, and that has not changed as the NEOC continues to maintain all measures and work hard to ensure Samoa remains Covid-Free.

“If there is a cargo ship that may have been to Fiji on route to Samoa, then the processes and stringent border control measures are in place,” said Dr Naseri.

“The ship cannot enter our wharf without all the relevant health checks on the crew, including documentation of testing, and all other protocols and requirements set out by MOH,” Leausa reiterated.

The Health Director again reminded the people of Samoa to please do their part to help Samoa’s preparedness by coming forward to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus.

Leading Samoa’s NEOC Team since the global pandemic. Leausa Dr Take Naseri and Agafili Tomaimano Shem Leo. Photo: Loreta Kelemete, SGN.

“We can all do our part if we stick to hygienic rules and make sure to complete covid vaccines for those who are eligible to be vaccinated,” Leausa said.

NEOC Chairman Agafili Tomaimano Shem Leo also advised the public that the current State of Emergency restrictions places the country at Alert Level 1, and precautions for Covid-19 should be voluntarily taken up by citizens, such as getting used wearing a face mask at all times.

Samoa has been in a State of Emergency since March 2020, and Orders are still in effect, extended again from last Sunday 1 August for a further four weeks.

Marieta H Ilalio