Health Director Confirms Samoa is Still COVID-19 Free



18 July 2020, Apia Samoa. Health Director Leausa Take Naseri has allayed fears that Samoa has a suspected case of coronavirus after the re-sharing  of an online article dated 18 March 2020 caused a panic amongst social media followers who had not taken a close look at the date.

Online article by Samoas only Daily Newspaper, dated 18 March 2020.

“I can confirm that we do not have a suspected case of coronavirus. I have been told that an old an old article has been reposted, but we have to be more responsible as a community at this time,” said Leausa.

The article was published online by Samoa’s only daily newspaper, the Samoa Observer, to report Samoa’s first suspected case of the deadly virus, back in March this year.

This morning the article has been forwarded widely through Facebook messenger, causing unnecessary panic amongst those who have failed to read the article’s publication date.

Leausa says it is irresponsible to re-share outdated information at this time of the global pandemic and cause unnecessary panic.

Over 300 Regional Seasonal Employees (RSE) arrived into Samoa yesterday and are being quarantined in isolated sites around Upolu.

“Samoa is still COVID-19 free. The quarantined repatriated citizens are being closely monitored;

“We urge the public and especially the media to be responsible with disseminating information”, Leausa added.

The article is clearly dated 18 March 2020