He Brought Me Up Out of the Pit of Destruction


Everyday in His Presence by Charles F Stanley.

This is not the end. God knows exactly what he is doing. At times the Lord will allow you to hit rock bottom in order to separate you from destructive dependencies. It’s only when He removes everything you usually count on that you discover the only real security is in Jesus.

This was the case for the people of Judah. Their land, inheritance and history were the foundation for their national identity. But when they were deported to Babylon by an invading army and separated from all they knew, they realised their true security was in God alone. And when they had repented and the time was right, the Lord faithfully returned them to the land he’d pomised them.

Likewise the Father wants to set you free from the bondage you have to this world. So when trouble comes, remember that your smartest course of action is to turn to God.

He has your best interest in mind, so praise Him and trust He is using exactly what’s necessary to set you free and plant your feet on solid ground.

Lord you are my Protector and my Provider, my only genuine refuge. Thank you for sageguarding me, amen.