William Tongi of Samoa-Tonga-Irish Decent Makes Top 5 on American Idol


Iam Tongi aka William Tongi took another big step forward Sunday on ABC’s “American Idol, performing with his beloved guitar in hand.

Tongi’s winning rendition of an Alanis Morissette hit, “Guardian, ” earned him a place in the show’s Top 5 and brought him one step away from the final round.

Once again Tongi displayed formidable strength and sensitivity in personalizing the work of other artists.

Morissette was one of two guest judges for the evening, and every contestant performed one of her songs. The contestants also paired off for duet performances of songs by Ed Sheeran, the other guest judge.

Tongi brought a touch of aloha to the proceedings while the names of the Top 5 were being announced.

Tongi was third to be named to the Top 5, and as he was walking over to join the first two, he stopped to shake hands with Oliver Steele, his duet partner for the evening, and gave Steele his maile lei.

Competition continues Sunday when the field will be cut to three. The American Idol winner will be revealed May 21 during the finale.

According to William Tongi he is a musician of Tongan/Samoan/Irish decent but born and raised in the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii in Kahuku.

“I bleed red always (RR4L). I am 18 years old. I am a senior at Decatur High School. I want to thank everyone for their love and support as I work towards this dream I have.”

Source: Finance Yahoo , Iam Tongi FB Page