Have a great day being compassionate, gracious, and merciful to others

Luke 6:36 Image: KnowingJesus

Happy Thursday Saints.


It’s not easy being merciful to someone who has wronged us. Our flesh often wants to repay evil with evil and make the other party suffer.

But if we are thoroughly established in God’s love for us, and we have accepted the MERCY that He has shown us – then it is from His abundant mercy that we can forward mercy onto others.

Ephesians 2:4 tells us that God is “RICH IN MERCY.” It’s the richness of God’s mercy that fills our own hearts and gives us abundant mercy for others.

God is not limited or scarce in mercy. It’s not something He can run out of. He is RICH in mercy. And because His love abides inside your heart – YOU CAN BE RICH IN MERCY TOO!

You can be merciful JUST AS YOUR FATHER IS MERCIFUL. God doesn’t just show you how merciful He is; He gives you His own ability to show others divine mercy

If you should ever feel tempted to be harshly judgemental of others, or tempted to repay others with the same ill-treatment that they’ve given you or someone you care about, remember two things

1. God has been merciful to you countless times

2. His love inside your heart makes you rich in mercy, and you have more than enough to be merciful.

We aren’t instructed to be merciful JUST AS your parents are, or JUST AS your siblings are, or JUST AS your friends are. We are told to be merciful, JUST AS YOUR FATHER is merciful.

It can’t be done in your own strength. But with the grace of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit – you can do it JUST AS your heavenly Father does.

Have a great day being compassionate, gracious, and merciful to others. God bless and lots’a love,


Pastor Warren Retzlaff