Happy New Year from the First Place on Earth to Welcome 2021


Happy New Year from Itu o Asau district, on the Big Island of Savaii, Samoa! One of the first places on the Globe to welcome 2021.

In Place of Fireworks

We could not secure a fireworks license so we brought in lanterns from New Zealand.

Lanterns sent up into the sky with Wishes for 2021

All the families who attended, our guests and visitors got given a lantern each to write their wish for 2021, and then we sent them into the sky!

They are all made of paper and biodegradable. You light them up and wait for the air to fill them up, and they just float up into the sky!

It was so beautiful.

From Vaimoana Hotel at Asau – we say Happy 2021 Samoa!

To all our families and friends overseas, we miss you but look forward to filling your next visit  with all these spectacular events!