Happy International Left Handers Day


There is a Day for That

International Left Hander’s Day is celebrated to highlight those of us who live in a right-handed world, where using simple tools like scissors, spiral notebooks, smudged ink, and noone else can enjoy the awesome graphic on your favorite coffee mug – the lefty struggle is real!

Studies suggest that less than 12% of the world population is left-handed.

International Left-Handers Day is observed annually on August 13th to celebrate the uniqueness and differences of the left-handers.

International Left Handers Day is also meant to help raise awareness of the troubles that lefty people experience with living in a right-hand centric world.

The day was first observed in 1976 by Dean R. Campbell, founder of the Lefthanders International, Inc.

It celebrates left-handed people’s uniqueness. The day also spreads awareness on issues faced by left-handers e.g. the importance of the special needs for left-handed children.

There are approximately 708 million left-handed people in the world ane men are more likely to be left-handed than women.

So why not take one of your lefty friends out for lunch or a coffee today? Or if you’re right handed, spend the day trying to perform tasks with your non-dominant hand 🤙