Guard Your Heart Against Envying Others


Happy Tuesday Saints.

Comparing ourselves with others and envying their possessions and achievements has gotten many people into trouble.

Many end up deep in debt, purchasing material things that they cannot afford to buy, all in an effort to keep up with others who supposedly can.

We all have to guard our hearts against envying others.

Along with appreciating what we have, another key to keeping ourselves free from envy is being content.

The Apostle Paul stated in Philippians 4:11, “I HAVE LEARNED TO BE CONTENT WHATEVER THE CIRCUMSTANCES.”

This doesn’t mean that he always got what he wanted; it simply means that he wasn’t going to stress about it. He knew that God would take care of him.

Comparing ourselves with others isn’t living and walking by faith. It places an unnecessary burden on ourselves (and sometimes others) to gain the same advantages that others have.

Be content, whatever your circumstances are and TRUST THE LORD.

God bless, and have an awesome day. Lots’a love,