Group of Travel Agent Friends are Amazed by Samoa’s Independence Celebrations


01 June 2019, Apia Samoa. A group of friends who are travel agents from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia have met up in Samoa for a holiday, and express their amazement about how our people celebrate Independence Day.

Speaking to Samoa Global News, Stephanie Parker said this is her first time in Samoa.

“We specifically booked our flights during this time because we wanted to see how the people of Samoan celebrate their Independence Day,” she said.

“We work for different travel agents and we booked our flights at this time so that we would have more to put on our sites about Samoa, and we could entice more people to come and visit this beautiful island;

“We came here early this morning about 6am because we didn’t want to miss anything and so far, it’s been really beautiful to see so many people come out to show their patriotism;

“So many people are here to march and celebrate this great milestone, and to see different schools and the different sides of the Samoan community celebrating together, it’s just fantastic.”

Ms. Parker said that living in the UK, she has never experienced this kind of celebration.

“I don’t get to see anything like this back home,” she said smiling.

“We are here for a week and it’s really lovely to be able to witness all this.”

The group of friends have been here for two days.

“We managed to visit your beautiful beaches, the Ocean Trench and we will be going to the sliding rocks this afternoon;

“Tomorrow we’ll visit your other island Savaii, we will be staying there for a couple of days,” she said.

“This is the first Pacific Island I have ever been to, and for me it’s lovely to see a different culture and experience your beautiful landscape;

“We are going to make everyone back home very jealous when they see us on your beautiful beaches.”

Asked if she and her friends would return to Samoa, Ms. Parker said yes.

“Absolutely, we want to come back after this trip because there is so much to see and experience from Samoa.”