Group of Motorists Donate to Mapuifagalele



A group of car enthusiasts that go by the name of “No Cash” blessed the elderly at Mapuifagalele this week with a donation worth more than $1,000 tala.

The newly formed group has over 30 members and say the main goals of their car association is to maintain good relationships amongst motorists, provide guidance and advice to younger car enthusiasts, and give back to the community through projects.

Secretary Maanaima Faimalo says they had seen the nuns from Mapuifagalele making a public plea on TV1 for help, so they met as a group and decided to withdraw from their savings account and make a donation.

“We bought things that are practical and useful for them such as pampers, and also food – bags of rice, cartons of milk, as well as fruits and vegetables”, he said.

No Cash at Mapuifagalele to give their donation.

The founder of No Cash, Hugo Fata who is also a three time gold medalist in boxing for Samoa, said the group have always connected over their passion for cars, but it has been a year now since they have had a more fornal set up with a bank account and weekly membership subs of $5 tala.

The group’s President is Tapeni Malua, and other senior members include Sului Fata and Toomata Albert while their Treasure is the son of one of the members, Ivan Roebeck.

“Before the lockdown we talked about going to mow the lawns or do a project like that at Mapuifagalele. So when we saw them on the news asking for help, we decided to do this. It is a good use of oir savings and subs”.

The group drove the entourage of cars out to the old people’s home at Vailele and spent some time to fellowship with the elderly.

“No Cash” car enthusiasts donate to Mapuifagalele

Fata adds that they have another project they are working on, which is also focused on the elderly.

“We are looking at a project that can help our elderly in the villages to access basic health care such as check-ups, treatment for diabetes and check blood pressure..”

No Cash say the old people of Samoa hold a special place in their hearts.