Greenology Rolls Out Advanced Trainings and Certification to Benefit ICT Sector in Samoa


Local ICT Solutions Provider, Greenology Ltd, are rolling out an advanced trainings and certification programme for 50 members of Samoa’s ICT sector from government Ministries, SOEs, private businesses and civil society organisations.

The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Hon Toelupe Poumulinuku Onesemo delivered the keynote address at the official opening at the Lava Hotel earlier this week.

Hon Minister of Communication and Information Technology Toelupe Poumulinuku Onesemo.

“These technical trainings and certifications are crucial to Samoa’s ICT sector as we need to upskill and keep up with the evolving technologies,” said the Minister.

“As technology changes, our Samoa ICT sector must learn, adapt and get certified to gain confidence in their respective roles and add value to their Ministries, SOEs, Businesses and Samoa as a whole.”

“Wireless network is the future of business, residential and school connectivity,” said the Minister.

“This will unlock the potential to provide wireless solutions for businesses, schools, and rural communities, and also enables the ability for multiple sectors to leverage off their technology, bringing connectivity solutions in urban, suburban, and rural environments,” added Toelupe.

Muagututia Tupu Afano with course trainers.

The trainings are being conducted in partnership with Go Wireless NZ Ltd. The Head Trainer is Mr Dan Millar, who is a NZ certified trainer, assisted by Cameron Orme.

In response to questions Director of Greenology Ltd, Muagututia Tupu Afano said these advanced-level trainings are normally conducted overseas, however, Greenology Ltd has managed to bring them to Samoa.

“It’s a great opportunity for our ICT community to get trained and certified locally,” said Muagututia, “as attending these overseas trainings can be very costly – with travel, accommodation, and other costs involved for businesses and organisations.”

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“Digital transformation continues to transform and modernise the way we live, work and communicate. Having these globally recognised trainings and certifications will add substantial value to our business community and Government’s digital transformation initiative,” adds Muagututia.

The Cambium and Mikrotik Trainings brings to Samoa the official, certified and best practice knowledge from the leading global provider of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi networking solutions.

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Cambium Networks is the leading global provider of Wireless connectivity infrastructure for business broadband, residential, school and WiFi.

“The Cambium wireless would be the perfect solution for our local Government’s school projects connectivity,” said Muagututia.

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“MikroTik is leading the world in routing products that are able to provide up to 100 gigabits of throughput, at a cost of 1/10th that of other major vendors.”

“It enables ISPs, businesses, schools and communities to deploy advanced technologies at a fraction of the cost”.

New arrivals at SOS Togafuafua, and Salelologa branch.

Ministries, SOEs and Companies and NGOs attending the 2 week Training:

  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry Natural Resources & Environment
  • Ministry Justice Court Administrations
  • Ministry Education Sports Culture
  • National University Samoa
  • Ah Liki Investment Group
  • Electric Power Corporation
  • Samoa Shipping Corporation
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • Development Bank Samoa
  • Bluebird Lumber & Hardware
  • SDCL
  • Digicel Samoa Ltd
  • Greenology Samoa Ltd