Government Ensures Equal Pay for Men and Women Village Representatives

Village Family Safety Committee of Taga including its Village Mayor and Womens Committee Representatives.

The Government has ensured equal pay for Village Representatives who act as conduits between villages across Samoa, and the central government through the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development.

Samoa has two village representatives for each village – one for the Village Council often mistakenly referred to as a village mayor, and one for the Village Women’s Committee. They are officially referred to as Sui o le Nuu (SN) and a Sui Tamaitai o le Nuu (STN) respectively.

In announcing the change, Prime Minister Hon Fiame Naomi Mataafa said previously the Village Council representatives were paid more than the Village Women’s Committee representatives, and in effecting a pay increase for the positions, the government has now corrected this inequality.

Village mayors were paid $250 tala a fortnight while the village women representatives were paid $150 tala for the same period.

The Prime Minister confirmed that village representatives, both men and women, will now receive a long overdue pay rise of $300 tala a fortnight.

“The Cabinet noted that Village representatives have not had an increase since 2015, so this is a long overdue adjustment,” said the Prime Minister, “and this increase will also now ensure men and women receive equal pay,” added Fiame.