Government Eases SOE Orders for Festive Season


The Government has announced amendments to Samoa’s State of Emergency Orders that sees an extra hour given to restaurants and bars, and the opportunity for supermarkets to open until 10pm everyday including Sundays.

For Sundays, sailings between Upolu and Savaii can resume after 3pm, however, the amendment specifies that sailings are for moving goods only which still does not address the issue of people wanting to visit between islands for the weekend.

Also on Sundays petrol stations can now open from 3pm to 10pm, as well as pharmacies.

Samoa’s night life and those wanting to go out for dinner get one extra hour with closing times of bars and restaurants extended to 11pm.

The restriction on public gathering numbers is lifted meaning weddings, funerals, and other public events will no longer be limited to 100 or 50 couples as previously set.

According to a government press release issued on Sunday night, the new rules apply from Monday 21st December until Monday 4th January.

“In a Special Meeting No 53 of Cabinet held on Sunday 20 December 2020, the Cabinet discussed and agreed to the following amendments for COVID-19”.

I lana Fonotaga FK(20) Faapitoa 53 o le Aso Sa 20 Tesema 2020, na talanoaina ai e le Kapeneta ma faamaonia ai Teuteuga o Poloaiga mo Faalavelave Tutupu Faafuasei mo le COVID-19.


SGN interpretation of SOE Amendments issued in Samoan:

1.  Sailings Between Upolu and Savaii.

Sailings are allowed between Upolu and Savaii from 3pm on Sunday afternoon, however, only for carting freight and goods, and only if needed.

2. Supermarkets 

  1. Open from 6am to 10pm from Monday to Saturday.
  2. For Sunday, open from 3pm to 10pm.

3. Hotels and Restaurants 

  1. Open for service from 6am to 11pm Monday to Saturday.
  2. On Sunday, open at 12pm in the afternoon until 10pm for eat in and takeaway. (Uldated 24 Dec).

4. Petrol Stations

  1. Open on Sundays from 3pm to 10pm.

5.  Number of People at Public Gatherings

  1. The number of people in public gatherings is now open, with cautionary note for organisers to ensure the safety of all..

6. Night Clubs

  1. Open from 6am to 11pm from Monday to Saturday.

7.  Sunday Toanai for any Organisation 

  1. Toanai open for any organisation to be held on Sundays.

8.  Bingo Games

  1. Bingo games to open from 6am to 11pm Monday to Saturday.

9.  Markets at Fugalei, Vaitele, Salelologa, Afega and Taufusi

  1. Open from 6am to 7pm in the evening from Monday to Saturday.

10.  Pharmacies 

  1. May open from 3pm to 10pm on Sundays

The announcement states that these amendments are temporary, and shall be revisited by Government after the festive season on 4th Jan 2021.