Fresh off Da Vaa Visit Home of the Elderly at Mapuifagalele


Valentine’s Day came and went without much noise this year, but the Mapuifagalele Home for the Elderly were not forgotten by members of Fresh off Da Vaa Entertainment who delivered gifts of fresh produce and food supplies.

Founder of Fresh of Da Vaa said the gifts were purchased with the support of their business partners abroad.

Partners included the Samoa Outreach Community Centre SOCC from Brisbane Australia, DOMN8U Productions and JF Fashion of Utah, USA, he said.

“They all planned fundraisers so they could donate and send support for the people in Samoa”, said Jay.

Fresh off Da Vaa team with the Sisters of Mapuifagalele

Jay Sapa’u Vaafusuaga, 45, of Papaloloa founded Fresh of Da Vaa Entertainment in Melbourne, Australia.

“Seeing the Sisters today got me emotional,” said Mr Vaafusuaga.  “How I wished our business partners were all here to meet them… They were surprised and didn’t expect a delivery today for Valentines…”
“But knowing that we did a little something to help the elderly and the carers has made my heart full.”
The Fresh off Da Vaa crew and their business partners gifted 5 trays of noodles, 6 boxes of elegi, 2 bags of rice, basket of pineapples, koko Samoa, 3 aufa’is and a basket of breadfruit.
Jay said that this was a last minute plan for them when $300 was sent from abroad, so $200 went on noodles and elegi, and the $100 was spent on taxi fares and buying his phone credit, he said.
“All fresh produce were from my plantation. But the next one, we will make sure it’ll be bigger and more.”
Food items distributed for the home of the elderly Mapuifagalele
Sister Superior Maria Frances of the Mapuifagalele residence delivered words of appreciation to Mr Vaafusuaga.
“Hello there in Australia, i just wanted to say a big thank you for your donation and God bless you. I know that Australia is suffering from the covid 19 epidemic but we hope and pray that it will soon pass, but thank you again everyone for all you do for us and we will pray for you and your families. God bless you all and hopefully some day we will see you all again.”

Mr Vaafusuaga says Fresh Off Da Va’a Entertainment, is a non-profit organisation. Vaafusuaga and his wife Esha Natoa’itele Thomas-Ah Cheung.

They are originally from Melbourne Australia where Fresh off Da Vaa Entertainment was founded but they are currently here in Samoa, helping their young local artists by promoting their music, art work, dj and tattooing. Mr Afamasaga says they like supporting local bands and DJs here in Samoa.

The Samoa Outreach Community Centre is owned by Stacey Salasalamaua Opetaia Tuiletufuga of Brisbane Australia. The DOMN8U productions owner is Master-Tee of Sydney, Australia and JF fashion is owned by John Fau of Utah, USA.

“Being here in Samoa, we are blessed to have met many talented brothers and sisters.”

“All our business partners are grateful to be in a partnership with so many like-minded people and businesses who always strive to help give back to the community, thankful that we are able to contribute in the smallest way to achieve happy hearts.”

“Valentines 2022 will always be special to each and every one of us, now that we are connected with the Sisters of Mapuifagalele,…”

“My Dear Sisters of Mapuifagalele, we will work on getting fresh produce over to you all. Thank you again, for having us and for accepting our little help. You are a blessing to all, that come through,” said Jay Vaafusuaga.l
“We love you all, please continue to keep us in your daily Prayers.”