‘Give Alofa’ Project Distributes Reusable Menstral Pads for Girls in Samoa

By PCV Anika and PCV Len. Glow Samoa.
A new international partnership was recently formed between GLOW Samoa and ‘Give Alofa’ of Utah, USA.
The project encourages the use of reusable menstral pads, that will help save the environment and support girls to get a better understanding of their menstral cycles.
The partnership connection was made possible through the support of Glow Samoa Advisory Board member Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson.

Project Give Alofa was started by artist and fashion designer Afa Ah Loo, a Samoan from the villages of Falelima and Lotopa, who now lives in Utah.

Samoan fashion designer Afa Ah Loo is supporting this project.

Ah Loo grew up watching his mother and grandmother sew clothing and had the opportunity to admire and learn the skills from them. Ah Loo says sewing was also taught in Samoa schools.

The work of Afa Ah Loo has been showcased at Fiji Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange at Buckingham Palace, as well as New York’s famous Project Runway. Ah Loo was the first Samoan featured on the New York show.

Ah Loo and his family use Give Alofa to make reusable menstrual pads and provide organizations in Samoa with supplies for helping girls and women.

In the past, they have partnered with Samoa Victim Supports Ray of Hope Center and now, they are partnering with GLOW Samoa.

In Utah, volunteers work together to sew the reusable menstrual pads, and assemble kits with pads, soap, underwear, and information on menstruation for girls and women.

They are then shipped to Samoa where the kits are hand-delivered by Ah Loo and his team to various organizations.

The new partnership means GLOW Samoa will now begin distributing the pads to some of our clubs beginning in 2020.

The remaining kits will be distributed to clubs that cover the topics of menstruation and puberty, as well as Glow Samoa’s district events such as the recent Upolu district event where information on menstruation and puberty was shared.

A Glow Event in Upolu led by Aiga Esera.

Thanks to Afa and his family, GLOW Samoa now have reusable pads to share with our clubs. We also have enough toothbrushes and toothpaste for the girls who attend the conference in 2020!

More information on Give Alofa can be found here.

Fa’afetai tele lava to the volunteers at Give Alofa, Afa Ah Loo, and his family and friends!