German Embassy Helps Primary School Students to Work in Cleaner Environment with Tiled Floors

"Students get to work in a cleaner environment with tiled floors.."


The German Embassy in Wellington contributed over $21,500 tala worth of building materials to a school building upgrade project for Puleia & Papa Primary School.

“During a visit to the school recently it was clear they had a great need with regards to floor tiles for the classrooms and this upgrade with the floor tiles to the classrooms will ensure the students and teachers work in a cleaner and germ free environment,” said German Consul  Office representative, Afoa Stefan Szegedi.

“Covid-19 has taught us the importance for children to learn in a clean and healthy classroom.”

“Our German Consul’s office has always emphasized the importance of providing assistance towards the education sector of Samoa,” continued Afoa.

“At the same time it is also vital that resources are given to the big Island of Savaii. The children of Savaii belong and will play a vital role towards the future of Samoa”.

Puleia & Papa Primary School Principal Talalafai Toma Amosa expressed his sincerer appreciation for the project.

Talalafai says each year parents have to provide mats for the classroom floors and they would no doubt be happy to be relieved of that burden.

“This project will also make the teaching environment clean and this is a minimum service standard that our school needs..”

To celebrate the successful conclusion of this partnership project, a special ceremony was held on Friday 16 February at Puleia & Papa Primary School.

SOURCE – German Consul in Samoa

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