Gambling Control Authority Declares Dvidend of $984,859.65


The Gambling Control Authority (GCA) has declared a dividend of $984,859.65 expected to be paid in full by July 2021.

The first installment of $300,000 tala was presented to Government this week, through the Hon. Minister for Public Enterprises, Afioga Lautafi Fio Selafi Purcell.

The cheque was presented on behalf of the GCA by Board Director, Reverand Uta Muaulu.

Reverend Uta and Hon Minister of Public Enterprises Lautafi Fio Selafi Purcell.

In accepting the cheque, the Minister acknowledged the commitment by the GCA Board and Management, and complimented their hard work, reflected in the Authority’s financial position as well as its support and compliance with Governments’ dividend policy.

Samoa’s Gambling Control Authority was established to regulate all gambling activities in Samoa and reduce any adverse social impacts of gambling.

Amongst its key objectives is the goal “to promote a balanced contribution by the gambling industry to tourism and general community benefit and amenity”.

Furthermore, as stated in the Authority’s website, “GCA is to maintain the probity and integrity of gambling activities and persons engaged in gambling, and promote fairness, integrity and efficiency in the operations of persons engaged in gambling in Samoa.”