Falevao Family Grateful to be Fully Vaccinated


A family in Falevao who had not been visited by a vaccination team on Day 1 of Samoa’s two-day lockdown were grateful to the team that arrived at around 12:30pm on Day 2.

Faamaonia Alapati was anxious when after Day 1 a vaccination team has not visited their home, located on the border of Falevao and Lalomauga.

His parents have both passed away and their family consists of himself, his two siblings, their spouses and children as well as two little brothers that he takes care of.

“We want to be protected if this pandemic should hit Samoa.. there are five people altogether in my family that need to be vaccinated, two need the first dose and three need the second dose”.

Faamaonia said he feels responsible for his siblings, and also are fearful that they have eight children amongst them who will be exposed if the adults are not vaccinated.

When SGN followed up with Faamaonia he said the vaccination team came by just after 12:30pm on Day 2.

He’s happy to report that all six adults in his household are fully vaccinated.

Several families from Falelauniu and Nuu Fou who were still waiting by midday on Day 2, anxious to be vaccinated confirmed the vaccination teams did come through.

Over 80 teams in Upolu and 41 in Savaii aimed to administer 30,000 doses over the 2 day nation wide lockdown.

The Minister of Health Valasi Toogamaga Tafito Selesele held a press conference at the close of the lockdown period to thank and acknowledge Samoa’s support for the initiative.

The final numbers of doses administered over the two days have not yet been released by the Ministry of Health.