Four Police Officers Suspended Pending Investigation into Alleged Drug Involvement


Four police constables were last week suspended pending an investigation into suspected drug involvement.

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Police spokesperson Deputy Police Commissioner Papalii Monalisa Tiai-Keti said the officers, three males and one female, were suspended once the information was made known to Police Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo.

“The Commissioner and Executive will not tolerate this type of behaviour from police officers,” said Papalii.

“Their immediate suspension pending a thorough and transparent investigation serves as a deterrent to any member of the police from affiliating with criminal activities..

Papalii said Samoa Police will not favour anyone. If police officers are breaking the law, they too, will be subject to the law.

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“Their immediate suspension is a deterrent to any member of the police  from affiliating with criminal activities,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Papalii.

Investigations against members of police are dealt with by its Professional Standards Unit (PSU).

The PSU investigation is externally reviewed by the Office of the Ombudsman to ensure transparency and avoid any issues such as favouritism through connections, adds Papalii.

Papalii says this is not the first time investigations into police drug involvement has taken place, referring to a similar incident in February 2022.

“The Commissioner’s position is firm in that, we will continue to put anyone whose name is affiliated to drugs to account for their actions.”

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Samoa Police continue to crack down on drugs in Samoa. On Friday last week 18 suspects were detained following a raid of a residence at Malifa near Apia where Police confiscated guns, ice or methamphetamine, cash and suspected goods used as barter for drugs.

Last year, raids in Puipaa and Moataa led to multiple arrests and a field of marijuana plants were cleared from Faleatiu.

The four suspended police officers are all Constables – the starting rank in the police force. Their years of service ranges from five to nine years.

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