Women Dominate New Police Recruits by 3:1


33 out of 44 sworn-in Police recruits were female, out numbering their male counterparts by 3:1 at the graduating ceremony held today at the Mulinu’u District Court following four months of rigorous training and assessments.

Assistant Commissioner Muliagatele Lorraine Lees and Officer In Charge of Training Superintendent Malu Talo with his staff were among those present to witness the swearing-in of these women and men as they start their Police careers.

District Court Judge his Honourable Mata’utia Leota Raymond Schuster conducted the swearing in of the recruited officers and all forty-four (44) appointed Police Officers.

His Honourable Mata’utia Leota Raymond Schuster spoke wisdom to the upcoming Police Officers.

“This oath symbolizes your commitment to serving and protecting the people of Samoa. It is a sign of your dedication to law and justice. You must remember this day and the oath you took for the rest of your lives”, said His Honourable Judge Mata’utia.

He reminded the Recruiting Officers that their duty is to serve the public and that they should use their power responsibly. They should always remember their oath and never forget that it is their responsibility to maintain law and order. He urged them to be honest and honourable in their duties.

District Court Judge Matautia Leota Raymond Shuster congratulated the forty-four recruit officers for making it to the end of their training.

The newly recruited officers will graduate on Thursday 13 July 2023. The ceremony will be held at EFKS Tupulaga Hall in Mulinu’u.