Former Music Tutor at MESC Believes No Music is no Life


    Namulauulu Franziska Sione, is a former Music Tutor at MESC under the National Orchestra of Samoa. Namulaulu Sione studied fundamentals of music theory at the University of Edinburgh.

    The former music tutor plays a variety of instruments as Saxophone, flute, guitar, bflat tuba, clockenspiel etc majoring on Piano.  He is currently working as a Project Coordinator for the Voice Against Violence project under NRL in Samoa.

    Says Namulauulu,  “Music to me is like Air. No air no life. –  meaning my life without music is no life.”

    “We used to perform here at Sails when we were starting out, Ben and I ten years ago. But when our friend here, Ben went to China for his studies,  we all went back to our lives and work.”

    “I haven’t been out performing for the last few years – until Ben came back,  and  – here we are.”

    “Jamming with the boys makes us forget about our problems, and we are relaxed and happy.”,  Namulauulu said.

    “Everyone deserves to be happy, and thats why we keep doing what we do – and sometimes we use it as a means of medicine or therapy.”, emphasized Namulauulu.

    Namulauulu Franziska Sione is on  keyboard when he joins his former National Orchestra team mates, Michael Tamanikaiyaroi (flute/ base guitar) and Benjamin Solomona, (lead guitar/ vocals) for an informal jam session on Thursday nights at Sails Mulinu’u.