Former HRPP Ale Vena Ale will Run By-Election under the FAST Banner

"I've made a decision, to serve the government of the day.."


Former Human Rights Protection Party Member of Parliament, Ale Vena Ale, whose seat has been declared vacated following his resignation from HRPP last November, intends to run the by-election under the FAST banner.

“I have already declared and asked my constituency and my electorate to let me run under Faautauta i le Atua Samoa ua Tasi,” Ale announced outside the Supreme Court of Samoa on Wednesday morning.

“I’ve already made a decision, to serve the government of the day, for my people and for the nation.. and for the betterment of the country..”

Last November the MP for Faleata 4 joined Tuu’u Anasii Leota of Siumu and Mau’u Siaosi Puepuemai of Vaa o Fonoti in declaring their exit from HRPP, calling for a change of leadership.

“HRPP is going down,” the Faleata 4 MP had said at the time..

“Tuilaepa is the damaging factor in the HRPP party and there is no future in the HRPP with Tuilaepa at the helm,” Ale alleged.

On Wednesday morning following closed Court proceedings last week, Justice Leiataualesa Daryl Clarke announced that an agreement between the parties had been reached, resulting in the withdrawal of legal proceedings.

Justice Clarke said the MPs have accepted a parliamentary charge to vacate their seats, and return to by-elections as required by the Electoral Act.

Justice Clarke said the decision of the MPs is in line with the Law, that any MP who resigns from a political party shall vacate their seat, triggering a by-election.

Samoa MPs could previously decide to leave their party and become an Independent Member of Parliament for the remainder of their term, however, an amendment in January 2021 removed this option, requiring anyone leaving a party to return to by-elections.

Outside the Supreme Court of Samoa Ale exclaimed with a raised fist, “I’ll be back!” with the intention of returning as a FAST party MP.

HRPP veteran MP Tuuu Anasii Leota said he would return to ask of his Constituency before declaring if he, too, intended to run under FAST.

Owner of Georgie Pizza, Ma’uu Siaosi Puepuemai is understood to also be looking to run the by-election for FAST. He told reporters outside Court the Constituency would decide.