Meet the First Baby Girl Born in 2019

Born at 3.33am on New Years day, Amelia Marguerite Penina Nelson is Samoa’s first baby girl to arrive at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole II hospital.
She was a close second to be born in Samoa for 2019. Lisa Ioasa of Mulifanua had a baby boy  at 2.47am.  Staff at Tuasivi hospital in Savaii confirm that no babies were born in the early hours of 1st Jan 2019.
27 year old Stephanie Nelson has forgotten all about the pains of labour as she dotes over her baby girl, who sleeps calmy by her side as they await a doctor’s assessment if they are able to go home.
Amelia was 3,060 grams and 51cm in length at birth.
“She was so big. But she’s going to be an easy baby. She eats and then goes straight to sleep,” Stephanie smiles as she shares the night’s blessings with Samoa Global News.
Steph says that of course she will be breastfeeding her baby girl who she already affectionately referrs to as her “new best friend”.
Amelia Marguerite Penina is  Stephanie Nelson’s first born child.