Fijian Rugby Legends Transfer Skills to Young SCOPA Players

Fiji legendary 7s players are here to transfer skills and help boost SCOPAs player development programme.


14 February 2019, Apia Samoa. It was straight from the airport and to the Samoa College grounds for Fijians Joeli Lutumailagi, Pio Tuwai and Nacanieli Batina who are in Samoa to help boost rugby development for SCOPA rugby.

Speaking to Samoa Global News the 6’5″ Offload King Pio Tuwai, now 35 years old says that they are honoured to be able to come to Samoa and help boost the development of young players with the SCOPA rugby club.

“We hope to work with the young players of the Club and share whatever we can to support them and help to develop their club and rugby players.”

Pio is joined by former Fiji National 7s players Joeli Lutumailagi and Nacanieli Batina.

Straight to the SAMCO field from the airport. Fiji here to help develop and inspire young players at AST SCOPA club.

The AST SCOPA rugby club is at a developing stage and team management say the bringing across of the Fijian brothers for the 31st Vailima Marist 7s Tournament is motivated by the key goal of boosting the club’s development.

Apart from preparing the team for tomorrow’s Marist 7s challenge the Fijians have been running clinics and skills coaching with the young members of the club.

AST SCOPA is pooled with the Samoa United team from Chirstchurch and Lefaga.