Fiji Reopens – Expecting Close to 100,000 Visitors over the Festive Season

“This is the moment we have been planning for nearly two years now and I can assure the world that Fiji is safe and ready to welcome you back"

Image: Fiji Tourism.

11 November 2021, Apia Samoa. Fiji is expecting close to 100,000 tourists to enter the country in the next two months when borders open for international travel in December.

Tourism Fiji Chief Executive, Brent Hill, says close to 100,000 tourists will holiday here in the next two months if there are no disruptions.

“From our perspective, we’re expecting maybe close to 40,000 tourists in each of December and January, which is staggering,” said Hill.

“We are ecstatic that Fiji will open its borders to international visitors before the end of the year.. This is the moment we have been planning for nearly two years now and I can assure the world that Fiji is safe and ready to welcome you back. The islands are just as beautiful — if not more beautiful — than ever and the locals just as warm and friendly. Fiji is the vacation the world needs and deserves right now, and we can finally offer that again starting December.”

Fiji’s Minister for Tourism, Faiyaz Koya, says it is refreshing to see the industry slowly getting back on its feet and he is hopeful the numbers will get to the CEO’s predictions.

“It’s been almost two years since we welcomed international visitors,” says the Minister in a statement. “And in these two years, we’ve struggled, we’ve adapted, and we’ve prepared. Today, our national airline is ready, our hotels and tour providers are ready, and Fijians are ready to safely welcome the world back. We are ready to let happiness find you again.”

The COVID-19 pre-departure protocols require visitors to be fully vaccinated and travelers to provide a negative RT-PCR test taken 72 hours before leaving their home country. There is also a requirement to take a rapid test 48 hours after arriving to your resort.  Unvaccinated children under the age of 18 are welcome when accompanied by a vaccinated adult.

Fiji’s Tourism Authority says December packages are starting at US$1,299 for six nights’ accommodation, international airfare, all meals, and transfers. Travelers can now book on Fiji Airways.  Additional packages for 2022 will be available soon, the tourism board added.

This week, repatriation flights for Fiji nationals, diplomats and permit holders began today with the first flight flying in from Sydney, Australia.

Fiji Ministry of Health Covid Update

In the past 7 days, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services reported 55 cases in the central division, 29 new cases in the western division, 2 new cases in the eastern division, and 27 new cases in the northern division.

“The 27 new cases recorded in the north are quarantine cases that are part of the repatriation program for the northern division. There is ongoing surveillance conducted for all repatriates”, states the report.

Authorities say he national 7-day rolling average of cases as of 6th November is 16 daily cases, and the weekly incidence rate indicates a continually declining trend.

There have been 679 deaths due to COVID-19 in Fiji, with 677 of these deaths during the outbreak that started in April this year. Authorities report a further 578 COVID-19 positive deaths, however, they have been considered, “patients who died from serious medical conditions they had before they contracted COVID-19; these are not classified as COVID-19 deaths”.