Fiji Airways Surpasses Qantas and Air New Zealand to Claim Best Airline in Pacific Award


Aviation Source News. Fiji Airways has edged out Qantas and Air New Zealand to win the Skytrax Best Airline in Australia & the Pacific award at he prestigious 2023 World Airline Awards.

It is a significant milestone by Fiji Airways as it is the first year the airline has managed to surpass Qantas and Air New Zealand who in the past, always take first and second place respectively.

The event, held at the Paris Air Show on June 20th, 2023, marked the first time that Fiji’s National Airline has received this esteemed accolade.

Furthermore, the airline has also secured the award for the Skytrax Best Airline Staff in Australia & the Pacific for an impressive fourth consecutive year

In the previous year’s rankings, Fiji Airways held the third position in the region, following Qantas and Air New Zealand, who claimed the first and second spots respectively.

However, this year, Fiji Airways has surpassed its two largest competitors, cementing its position as the Best Airline in Australia & the Pacific.

The airline’s global ranking has also witnessed a remarkable improvement within the top 100 airlines. Fiji Airways jumped from the 36th position in 2022 to an impressive 15th position in 2023, surpassing both Qantas and Air New Zealand.

Expressing his delight, Mr. Andre Viljoen, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Fiji Airways, acknowledged the significance of these wins for a small airline in such a highly competitive region for commercial aviation.

Mr. Andre Viljoen, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Fiji Airways.

He attributed their success to the airline’s staff and the service vision of working as one to deliver exceptional Fijian experiences.

“Our unwavering commitment to the delivery of quality service is the reason that Fiji Airways is today the Best in Australia and the Pacific.

“We may not have as many resources as larger airlines, but we have the Fijian spirit of hospitality and care.”

“As the National Airline of Fiji, we embrace and champion these values in everything we do, and this sets us apart as an airline,” said Mr. Viljoen.