Women Dominate Newly Recruited Samoa Corrections Officers


Women dominated the 15 new recruits sworn-in as officers of Prisons and Corrections Services this week after undergoing seven weeks of vigorous training and assessments.

Nine female and six males came before Judge Loau Donald Kerslake to be sworn-in as new recruits.

Deputy Commissioner for Prisons and Corrections Services, Leiataua Samuelu Afamasaga and his senior management, were among those present to witness the beginning of the recruits’ career journey to become Corrections Officers.

District Court Judge, his Honourable Loau Donald Kerslake, conducted the swearing-in.

During his remarks Judge Kerslake re-emphasized the vital roles of being a corrections officer.

“They are to protect and ensure the safety and well management of inmates under their care within Tanumalala, Olomanu and Vaiaata”

“And secondly, they are to protect and ensure the safety of the community from inmates”.

Judge Loau further reminded the recruits of their oath.

“You must understand the significance of your oath, as this is your direction as a corrections officer.”

“You have pledged to serve with honesty, honour and just accordingly to the laws. You have pledged to do right in serving the Ministry”.

In addition to his remarks, Judge Loau Donald Kerslake encouraged the recruits to find strength in each other.

“Support each other in the work that you do – work as a team, respect your leaders and the authority…”

“Always be fair, consistent and critical”.

The District Court Judge congratulated the recruits and wished them well in their careers.

Families and friends of the recruits watched on as their loved ones took their oaths to become corrections officers.

It is the first time, Prisons and Corrections Services recruits conducted training and assessments separately from the Samoa Police recruits and the first to be sworn-in at the District Courts.

The fifteen recruits will have their graduation ceremony on the 17th of May, 2023, held at the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC) Samoa Culture and Arts Center at Malifa.