Fastest Man on Earth Sends Special Message for Samoa and Pacific Games Athletes


30 June 2019, Apia Samoa. The Pacific Games Office has posted a special inspirational greeting from Jamaican Dr. The Honorable Usain Bolt to congratulate Samoa and encourage the athletes of the upcoming Pacific Games

Usain Bolt currently holds the world records in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m with the three fastest 100m times ever run at 9.58, 9.63 and 9.69 seconds. As part of the Jamaican 4x100m team, he broke three world and Jamaican team records, having seven fastest 4x100m times in history.

The video organised by the Digcel Group as part of their sponsorship support to the Pacific Games shows the world record holder and 8 time Olympic gold medallist saying, “I wanna congratulate Samoa for hosting the 2019 Pacific Games;

“I just wanna say to all the athletes; all the best, work hard, stay focused and remember we are all one;

“And like I always say, don’t think limits, anything is possible,”

Born in August 1986 Usain Bolt retired after the World Champions in 2017, forced to settle for bronze for the first time in his career after clocking in at 9.95 seconds for the 100m.

Here are 10 Memorable Moments for Usain Bolt to inspire us as we head into the Pacific Games.

1. Beijing 2008 100m final (9.69 seconds, 2008 Beijing Olympics)

2. Beijing 2008 200m final (19.30 seconds, 2008 Beijing Olympics)
3. Beijing 2008 4x100m final (37.10 seconds, 2008 Beijing Olympics)

4. Berlin 2009 100m final (9.58 seconds 2009 Berlin World Championships)

5. Berlin 2009 200m final (19.19 seconds, 2009 Berlin World Championships)

6. London 2012 100m final (9.63 seconds, 2012 London Olympics)

7. London 2012 200m final (19.32 seconds, 2012 London Olympics)

8. London 2012 4x100m final (36.64 seconds, 2012 London Olympics)

9. Rio 2016 100m final (9.81 seconds, 2016 Rio Olympics)

10. Rio 2016 200m final (19.78 second, Rio 2016 Olympics)