Family Travel Plans to Savaii Ruined by Two Car Accident


A car accident has ruined the general election travel plans of a family on their way to the Mulifanua wharf to catch the 10am ferry to Savaii.

Registered as voters in their village of Sasina, the family of ten including children were grateful noone was seriously hurt.

The driver, Isaako Nofoaiga said they had rented a car specially for the trip across. They had just passed Faleolo Airport and were on the last stretch to the wharf when accident happened.

Iakopo Nofoaiga Travel plans ruined by unexpected accident on route to Mulifanua.

“We were behind two cars, all heading to the wharf, and as I went to overtake the dyna, it suddenly turned to go off the main road..”, he says.

The rented van crashed into the dyna causing damage to both vehicles.

“Ua laki a e le lē saoasaoa o le matou van se manū e telē se afaina, pe maimau ai foi se soifua..”

Two boys who sat at the front of the van sustained minor injuries, but the driver said their plans of going to Savaii with in their rented vehicle have been ruined.

Mr Nofoaiga said they still managed to get his aunties and others of their family on the 10am ferry so they can cast their votes and avoid facing fines for not voting.

“The accident happened at about 9:30, so we found a car to take the family to the wharf with their bags and everything,” he said.

The driver said that he had to stay behind to take the van back and he is afraid that the unfortunate incident may ruin his chance to vote.

“Ia o le tulaga la lea laa taumafai e ave le van e fai lona uiga e iu ina faaletonu atu ai ma la’u ekisi i le tulaga lea..”

Police officers from Faleolo Post were at the scene investigating the crash and looking to take both drivers in for statements.

Maina Vai