Family Clears Roads of Fallen Trees from Strong Wind Gusts


A fallen tree from strong gusty winds brought down power lines and blocked the road infront of the home of Isaako Faleafaga along the Papaseea Road near USP Alafua campus earlier today.

Road blocked by fallen trees near Alafua USP Campus during unexpected wind gusts.

Samoa Global News passed by less than 30 minutes after the strong wind gust had brought down the tree blocking the road, to find the access had been cleared by good Samaritans.

Mrs Ao Semi said they received a phone call from their fellow Jehovah’s Witness church members, the Isaako Faleafaga family, asking for help to remove the fallen tree infront of their home.

“Our church family members called us; we own an electric saw and we live nearby at Pesega”.

“Sa vili atu si matou aiga lotu lea ona o maua e iai le ma ili afi ma e latalata mai matou i Pesega”.

Ao and her husband Tesema Semi were first respondents today to clear the roads.

“We always help each other out.”

Ao said her husband Tesema Semi immediately packed up their electric saw and drove to Alafua where they found the fallen tree and its branches blocking the road infront of Faleafaga family home.

Tesema was helped by the sons of Isaako Faleafaga as well as their own son, to clear the debris from the road and release the power lines that had been dragged down by branches.

Tesema Semi of Pesega helping to clear the roads

Strong gusty winds lasted for about 3 minutes with heavy rainfall bringing down many trees in the Faleata district.

The road to Tuaefu