Family at Toamua Set and Waiting to be Immunised


One year old Folasa Logi is waiting with her three year old cousin Christian Leiataua and their aunties outside their home in Toamua, Faleata to be immunised as part of the mass vaccination campaign.

The children are waiting with their aunties who say they’ve been ready since 8am.

Christian Leiataua and his cup of koko Samoa waiting for the mobile units to arrive.

“We wanted to make sure we were ready, and the children were ready when they arrive.”

“Sa matou usu po lava e sauni, i omai le au fai kui ua sauni atu foi matou.”

Lia Leiataua said that the rest of their family members employed in Apia during the week have already been immunised.

“Ua uma ona fai latou kui a i fale faigaluega, toe lava o matou o le matou aiga, lea e faatali.”

“They’ve all been immunised at work, it’s just us here left in our family.”

The Leiataua family have their red lava wrapped around the electric pole infront of their home to let the mobile units know they need to be vaccinated.

Call ahead to order

The two day nation wide shut down is in its first few hours with 73 teams dispatched from the NEOC centre at 6am this morning.

The Government of Samoa proclaimed a State of Emergency on Friday 15th November 2019 in efforts to contain the measles outbreak that has claimed over 60 lives, mostly children under 4 years old.

Developing stories of the Door to Door Mass Vaccination Campaign will continue throughout the day.

Sina Retzlaff