False Positive or False Negative? NZ Test Results to Confirm


New Zealand laboratory results will determine once and for all, if the sailor in isolation had in fact tested false positive or false negative.

“We are waiting for New Zealand for their findings, if it is a false positive, or if it is a false negative, because in all countries and all tests, there is a percentage of tests as such.”

That was the message conveyed by Director of Health Leausa Dr Take Naseri at a  press conference held at 7.30pm this evening.

The Chair of Samoa’s National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) and the Director General of Health called a press conference to allay public fears, and reiterate what had been said in a press release sent two hours earlier at around 5pm this afternoon. 

The key messages are:

1. Samoa’s COVID preparedness and response plan procedures, designed for a positive case scenario, has been in force since the sailor’s first positive test last Wednesday.

2. The two sailors in isolation are asymptomatic, or not showing any signs of coronavirus symptoms.

Their temperature measures are normal; no flu or cough and their appetite is fine”.

3. Since Saturday, the sailor has returned a negative test, as well as a positive one, says Leausa.

“He tested negative, but when we repeated it, it was a negative, making very confusing”, said Leausa at the press conference.

4. The New Zealand test results will be in and made known sometime tomorrow, Tuesday 24th November 2020.

5. The second sailor has tested consistently NEGATIVE and has not yet returned a positive test.

6.  The 19 frontliners placed in controlled isolation two weeks ago following the Fesco Askold container ship COVID-19 scare, have all returned negative; and the staff will be discharged soon.

7. The public are once again asked to remain calm, as we await a  consolidated report on blood samples sent to New Zealand.

8.  Regarding panic-posts on social media, the Chair of the NEOC calls for the public to refrain from acting on, or sharing information that has not been validated as formal communications from the committee.

“O le tatou atunuu o le atunuu Kerisiano ma e lē tosina gofie foi I faamatalaga salatua, ia poo se pola motu i tua.. o upu masani..”

“Ae pei lava o loo taumafai atu se matou tala, o loo galulue punouai le aufaigaluega a le atunuu…

“E le mafai ona tou silasila mai iai le atunuu e, I le toatele o le au faigaluega o loo galulue i le ao ma le po..”

The NEOC, and all frontline Ministries continue to work day and night to ensure Samoa’s COVID-19 preparedness systems and processes are followed, to protect Samoa from the global pandemic.

“May the grace and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to cover our country.”