Escaped Prisoners Latest Mug Shots

Aniseko (L) and Lauititi (R)

The public are warned that two prisoners are at large having escaped from Tanumalala early hours of this morning, Sunday 6th October 2019.

Police say they are patrolling the area from Tanumalala towards Apia through the Aleisa mountain ranges tonight adding that this first 24 hours is crucial because the prisoners are bound to become hungry.

Samoa Global News caught up with a police patrol vehicle in the Siusega-Aleisa area.

“Tonight is high risk because they could soon be looking for food, so we are covering a big area all night tonight;

“Families should take precaution and stay alert.”

Convicted rapist Lauitiiti Tualima of Satapuala and armed robberer Aniseko Vaelei of Vaiusu and Aele were both arrested as teens and have been in the system for several years now.

These mug shots are the latest ones on police file with Aniseko’s taken in February of this year and Laititiiti’s taken in 2018.

Both prisoners have escaped multiple times from Tafaigata prison and both have reoffended while on the run.

The police warn the public that they may be armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

Call Samoa Police on Ph 22222 if you have any information regarding the escaped prisoners.

Stay safe Samoa.