Ephesians 4:31


Ephesians 4:31 “GET RID OF ALL BITTERNESS, RAGE AND ANGER, BRAWLING AND SLANDER, ALONG WITH EVERY FORM OF MALICE.” When we choose not to forgive those who’ve offended us, that unforgiveness turns into bitterness. Bitterness is toxic. When it goes unchecked, it grows and it eventually comes through in harmful and destructive ways towards others. The Bible tells us to GET RID of it… ALL of it. And it starts with a simple decision to forgive. Forgiveness is a choice, it’s not a feeling. But it is the first step towards healing any pain or disappointment that we may feel. Our emotions may not heal overnight, but forgiving others gets the process started. Today’s a good day to let it all go and let your heart recover.

God bless and lots’a love,

Pastor Warren Retzlaff