EPC Trying to Identify Cause of Power Outage Affecting All of Upolu Island


Samoa is experiencing a “whole of island” power outage in Upolu this afternoon and the Electric Power Corporation says they are trying to identify the cause of the problem.

“We will update our public as soon as we can identify the issue and remedy. Power will be restored as soon as it is safely possible.”

A post on the Corporation’s facebook page states:

“The public is advised, that Upolu Island is currently experiencing power outage, and our technical teams have been dispatched to locate the cause. Power will be restored to your homes and businesses as soon as and safely possible. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenienced cause. Thank you, EPC”.

A media and communications officer says an official statment as to cause will be issued as soon as practical but that could be tomorrow.

“The main priority at the moment is locating the fault, and start restoring all feeders as soon as possible”.

Businesses have been impacted and one hotellier posts, “People complaining about businesses having no generator…if only they knew and understood the costs involved in owning a generator”.

All the feeders in Upolu have been affected.

Sina Retzlaff