Energy and Transport Services for a Sustainable Blue Pacific


Prime Ministers Speech for the Pacific Regional Energy and Transport Ministers Meeting.

Father Spa Silva
Honourable Ministers for Energy and Transport
Members of the Diplomatic Corps
Director-General, Pacific Community Dr. Colin Tukuitonga
Development Partners
Representative’s international and regional organisation
Ladies and Gentlemen

I wish to extend to you all a warm welcome to Samoa for the 4th Pacific Regional Energy and Transport Ministers Meeting.

I understand that this will be the opportunity to review commitments and progress with regard to the provision of sustainable, modern and efficient energy services, and sustainable, reliable and safe transportation and mobility in the Pacific Islands Region.

Furthermore you will also be discussing the role of the energy and transport sectors to support “The Blue Pacific” collective action for advancing the Pacific Leaders vision under the Framework for Pacific Regionalism.

Last month in Tuvalu, at the 50th Pacific Islands Forum, the Leaders endorsed the development of a 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent, while acknowledging the need for urgent, immediate actions on the threats and challenges of climate change facing the Blue Pacific and realising the health and wellbeing of Pacific People to secure a bright and prosperous future for the Pacific.

The new 2050 vision for the Pacific Island countries must recognise the blue Pacific Continent that make up the territories and economic exclusive zones of the region. As well, the vision must determine how Pacific Island countries can form and effective union, building on the SAMOA Pathway and the Boe Declaration, to ensure a safe and secure future for the Pacific in the face of climate change.0

Energy and transport are at the crux of global efforts to tackle climate change and achieve sustainable developments objectives. I am pleased to note in your agenda a session on the role of the energy and transport sectors to serve the Blue Pacific vision.

Additionally, the need to contribute to achieve SDGs 7 and 14, to serve resilient development, to ensure regional security and to embrace low-carbon development, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and phase out fossil fuels will be well covered.

Pacific countries are already deeply engaged in the adoption of sectoral measures to give further effect to the SAMOA Pathway in the Pacific and to serve our Blue Pacific vision. I would encourage you all to be forward looking in the line with the new Pacific 2050 vision and let us focus on shaping resilient development and low-carbon futures served by sustainable energy and transport sectors.

There is room to take a coordinated approach towards ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets at the regional level for both the energy and transport sectors. This will ensure these sectors contribute to our national targets, enhance the level of ambition and continue to lead by example at the global level.

I would urge all stakeholders, including all our development partners to continue strengthening and fostering new partnership with Pacific Small Island Developing States for the realization of these exemplary targets and to enable the realization of these targets in the context of the 2030 agenda and sustainable development goals.

In this regard I would like to acknowledge the critical contributions of our CROP agencies for their ongoing commitment to providing quality technical services, advisory advice and in particular the SPC for the use of science for informed decision making as well as translating the science in a way that’s understandable to all people.

I am looking forward to your meeting outcomes and commitments that will ensure that Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) have the capacity to achieve ambitious targets and mobilise partnership for both their Energy and Transport sectors under international and regional framework.

I now have the pleasure of declaring the Ministers of Energy and Transport meeting open.