Election Review Commission Identify 10 Key Areas for Public Discussion

Voters lined up in Lepea on Friday 9th April 2021 during General Elections. 📷 Jaleen Tupai, SGN.

The Commission of Inquiry appointed to lead a national review of the election process have identified 10 key areas that will guide public discussions and consultations.

In response to questions from Samoa Global News, Chairman of the Commission, Tuuu Luafatasaga Ieti Taulealo said the Commission’s work will be guided by the public’s opinion on the 10 overarching areas they have identified for review.

“E aoao manogi finagalo o le atunuu, ma saili poo fea o iai finagalo o le atunuu.. O finagalo foi o le atunuu, o le a poupou ma matimati ai galuega a le komisi..”

The areas of review include the question of whether overseas-based Samoans should be given the right to vote, membership and registration of political parties, women’s seats in parliament, eligibility of candidates, and electoral constituencies.

The Commission will be visiting each Constituency beginning with Vaimauga I next week. The Chairman said Village Councils have been notified specifically with regards to traditional faaaloaloga.

“We had to notify the constituency of the consultations, however, we then heard that they were planning traditional faaaloaloga, and we have sent a message to please hold off on those,” said Tuuu.

“The intention is to consult and gauge the views of the public, and therefore, we would not want to impose unnecessary costs upon villages and constituencies.”

The Chairman said they also plan to launch a website next week: www.coi.oec.gov.ws

“Public views and input can also be uploaded on the website,” said Tuuu Luafatasaga.

Ten Areas of Discussion for Electoral Review:

  1. Voting rights of Samoans living overseas
  2. Electoral Office
  3. Membership of Political Parties
  4. Court Petitions
  5. Registration of Political Parties
  6. Eligibility of Candidates
  7. Electoral Constituencies
  8. Women’s Seats in Parliament
  9. Electoral Roll
  10. Other Matters


  1. Palota o tagata Samoa o loo alala i atunuu i fafo
  2. Faatulagaina o le Ofisa Faipalota
  3. Sui o Vaega Faaupufai
  4. Solitulafono ma Faamasinoga
  5. Resitara o Vaega Faaupufai
  6. Agavaa o Sui Tauva
  7. Itumalo Faaleaganuu
  8. Nofoa o Sui Tamaitai
  9. Lola Palota
  10. Ma Nisi Mataupu

The 10 Members of the Commission of Inquiry:

1) Tuuu Luafatasaga Dr Ieti Taulealo: Former PSC Chairperson, former MNRE CEO, former Director of Samoa Lands and Survey,  former President of PSA (1981), Civil Engineer (University of Canberra), Masters Degree and PhD (University of Sydney).

2) Feesago Geogre Fepuleai: Former PSC Chairperson, former Samoa Airways Chairman, former Diplomat.

3) Faamausili Dr Matagialofi Lua’iufi: Consultant. Former PSC Chairperson, First Samoan appointed to the BSP Board of Directors, Dr in Philosophy, Masters in Science.

4) Letuiman’usina Dr Emma Kruse-Vaai: Former Deputy Chancellor, former CEO SQA, long-serving educator.

5) Erelini Vaiao Eteuati: Faletua Malolo Manumalo, Faletua of Former President of Methdost Church.

6) Peseta Arasi Tiotio: Consultant. Former CEO of Samoa Land Copration, President Women in Business Development Inc, former Board Member Samoa Chamber of Commerce, Board Member Samoa Business Hub.

7) Reverend Elder Tavita Roma: Former Chairperson of Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (EFKS), Faifeau Toeaina Faatonu Malolo Manumalo.

8) Vaaelua Rimoni Vaaelua: Former Senior Judge of Lands and Titles Court, Former Assistant Police Commissioner.

9) Tupuola Oloialii Koki Tuala: Partner of Koki Tuala Chartered Accountants, Businessman, Director PFL, former Board Member Samoa Chamber of Commerce.

10) Leulua’ialii Tasi Malifa: Constitutional Specialist, Senior Lawyer.