EFKS Holds Emergency Meeting at Malua

Emergency meetings held at the Malua Conference Centre.

15 October 2020, Malua Samoa. An emergency conference of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (CCCs or EFKS) is being held at the Malua Conference Centre over the next two days, 15th and 16th of October. 

Following the cancellation of the Church’s annual fonotele conference this year, the General Secretary of the Church, Reverend Vavatau Taufao explained in an interview with EFKS TV that the emergency conference was necessary, because there were certain decisions that could not be made by the Board alone.

Rev Vavatau seen on the big screen during Day 1 sessions.

“E fai fono fa’afuase’i pe a iai ni mea tutupu fa’afuase’i, ailoga e iai se isi e le talitonu o le koviti e fa’afuase’i”.

He says the implementation of approved projects cannot move ahead unless specific budgets have been set and clarified with the Church’s main working committees.

“Ua finagalo le laulau a le fonotele e tolo le fonotele, peita’i e iai galuega ua le mafai ona fa’agaioi; ua pasia, ae ua le mafai ona fai… ua tatau ona pasi le tupe e fai ai, ae lē au iai le malosi’aga fa’akomiti.”

Committee Members outside the Malua conference centre.

Vavatau says the discussions would include 14 representatives from each of the Church’s major  committees, plus 10 to represent the Women’s Committee and 3 from Malua Theological College.

“The six main committees of the EFKS includes the Committee of Church Elders, Works, Finance, Development, Education and Missionaries”.

“Komiti e ono a le Ekalesia e aofia ai le Komiti o Toeaina, Komiti o Feau Eseese,Tupe, Atina’e, A’oga ma le Fa’amisionare; fa’aopoopo loa iai ma usugafono a Tina e to’asefulu fa’aopoopo iai ma le usugafono ‘Au Leoleo ma le ‘Au Taumafai e ta’ito’atolu”.

To adhere with Government’s state of emergency laws, the EFKS Secretary also reiterated that no more than 100 participants would be allowed into the Malua conference centre for each session.

Meeting adheres to max 100 persons.