Easter Egg Hunt in the Campus of Hope


    The children at the Campus of Hope had a fun-filled Easter Monday holiday with an exciting Easter egg treasure hunt. Thanks to the generosity of Palau Farm, the children were provided with 5 trays of eggs to use for the activity.

    The children had a great time painting the boiled eggs in bright and beautiful colors and then hiding them for their friends to find. The joy and excitement on their faces as they searched for the eggs was truly heartwarming.

    For many of these children who have experienced hardships in their lives, this was a much-needed break from their daily routine and a chance to just be kids and have fun.

    Most of them have never experienced the excitement of the Easter egg hunt before.

    “We are grateful to Nicholas & Lisi Pereira of the Palau Farm for their support and donation of the eggs, which helped make this Easter egg hunt activity possible,” said Siliniu Lina Chang, President of the Samoa Victim Support Group.

    “Seeing the children’s smiles and hearing their laughter was a testament to the impact that small acts of kindness can have on their lives.”

    The Campus of Hope provides a safe and supportive environment for children in need, and activities like the Easter egg treasure hunt provides a fun play activity that forms part of the children’s rehabilitation while on Campus.

    It is operated by a non-governmental organization – the Samoa Victim Support Group – through donations and the generosity of the community, here and abroad. It is a temporary safe haven for abused women and children.