“Pacific Weightlifters to Qualify for Tokyo Olympics” Dr. Tamás Aján


05 July 2019, Apia Samoa. President of the International Weightlifting Federation, Dr. Tamás Aján has arrived for the 4-in-1 Weightlifting Championships held in conjunction with Samoa hosting the XVI Pacific Games.

In a long visit until the 14th of this month, Dr. Tamás told Samoa Global News that conservatively he was banking on six to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics from the Pacific Islands.

“I expect that a minimum number of six will make it, but I know that there would be more;

“I look forward to the talent from across the world and here in Samoa for this great week of competition ahead;

The world President says that the sport has reached hugher levels of achievement by its athletes compared to “back in the day” and that he held high expectations for Pacific athletes to excel.

“For example last month, Samoan lifters won gold medals at the Junior World Championships held in Fiji, that shows the potential that the lifters from the Pacific Islands have nowadays.”

Dr. Tamás said that part of his visit to Samoa is to help the local lifters of Samoa.

“I don’t want to reveal all my secrets for coming here but part of it is that I will offer special training camps for the Samoan lifters and I would also like to take some competitors and lifters for a special training camp including the coaches and leaders,”

The IWF President says it is his hope to maximise the participation of Pacific lifters to the Tokyo Oympics next year.

Earlier this week, SWA Samoa Weightlifting Federation President Tuaopepe Asiata Jerry Wallwork told Samoa Global News that this would be Dr Ajáns 4th visit to Samoa.

“He loves Samoa.”

The 80 year old has been the Secretary General of the Hungarian Olympic Committee since1989 and had served as Secretary General of IWF from 1975 to 2000 when he was selected as the world President.

As President Dr. Tamás is on the board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and a council member of the Anti Doping Agency (ADA) as well as Vice President of the General Association of International Sports Federation (GAIS).

A Doctor of Phsical Education from the University of Budapest he has held various career posts within the Department of Sports and Ministry of Sports and Physical Education in his country as well as a number of academic posts.