In accordance with Section 36 of the SNPF Act 1972, the Minister and the Board &  Management of the Samoa National Provident Fund have resolved to declare a dividend of  9.1% for the financial year ending 30th June 2019.  Contribution balance as at 1st July 2018 is the basis for the calculation of dividend declared  provided that no withdrawals or offsets were made within this financial year.

Payment of dividend will be processed to members’ contribution accounts and will be accessible to members for normal entitlement lending from Monday 1st July 2019.

The payment this year of another $54 million tala to members is testament to the continued commitment of the Board, Management and Staff of the SNPF in the enduring endeavour to place our members’ interests first and yield high returns for our people.

In the coming financial year God willing, the Fund hopes to build on its performance through reaping the benefits from new high yield investments and thereby consolidating its reputation  of robust returns for all members.

All glory, thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God, our Lord Jesus Christ for his abounding Grace on the SNPF and on Samoa.

Thank you

The Minister, Board and Management of SNPF