Let Your “Yes be Yes” and Your “No be No”


Happy Thursday Saints. In Matthew 5:37 Jesus said,

“LET YOUR YES BE YES. LET YOUR NO BE NO. ANYTHING MORE THAN THIS COMES FROM THE DEVIL.” You are not God. You don’t have an unlimited amount of strength, time, resources and energy. If you fall into the habit of saying “YES” to everything, you’ll soon find yourself burnt out and exhausted from over-exerting yourself.

Because of your limited resources, your ability to say “NO” helps you make the most of what you’ve got. Saying “NO” helps you channel your time, strength, energy and resources into the things that matter most. Every time you say “YES” to things that don’t really matter, you are saying “NO” to what’s most important.

Watch out for time and energy thieves.Things that steal your best efforts away from what God wants you to do.

Every time you say “NO” to the trivial, you’re saving your energy for what’s significant and worthwhile. When you say “YES” to too much, you keep yourself trapped and bound with lots of activities. But when you say “NO,” you FREE yourself up for what is the best use of your time.

LET YOUR NO BE NO and free yourself up to get MORE DONE for the Lord today.

God bless and lots’a love, Warren

P.S. it’s OK to say “NO.