Digicel Samoa Visits Campus of Hope on Change Maker’s Day


Digicel Samoa’s Change Maker’s Day has been declared to be commemorated on June 5th each year as a day to make positive changes in the community.

To kick start the inaugual Change Maker’s Day, the Chair of the Digicel Samoa, Fia’ailetoa Pepe Christian Fruean joined management and staff to kick start the inaugural Change Maker’s Day at the Samoa Victim Support Group’s Campus of Hope.

“There was no better place to start our giving back to the community initiative than the Campus of Hope shelter facility for abused children and women.”


The shelter facility is part of the core services of the Samoa Victim Support Group.

Doning their bright red working clothes, the Digicel team embarked on general maintenance work such as weeding and cleaning the whole Campus compound.

Included in the Change Makers activity was quality time spent with the children, singing, dancing while others were baby sitting.

The Campus of Hope averages 10 new born babies to toddlers at any one time, as victims of sexual violence who fall pregnant give birth while they are housed at the Campus awaiting the Court process.

It was a change making experience for some of Digicel Samoa’s female staff, as they bonded with the babies.

The children were excited to see the Digicel Chairman and staff again, as they often visit the Campus and have made become part of the SVSG extended family.

The Ray of Hope shelter for pregnant survivors of rape, situated on Campus was built with funding support from the Ray of Hope Foundation, and coordinated by Digicel Samoa.

The rehabilitation programs at the Campus including the children’s community outings have all been made possible with funding support from Digicel.

Women severely battered and abused by their intimate partners and husbands have access to SVSG’s Helpline services – made possible through Digicel’s free call services for SVSG supporting ways to help victims of violence against women and children.

SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang said  Digicel’s Change Maker’s Day has reiterated Digicel’s genuine love and support to their work.

“It is so important for us to have these kinds of genuine engagements from our collective ‘aiga’ to support the work we do with the abused and most vulnerable of our Samoa society,” said Siliniu.

“The connection comes naturally and the love is purely sincere..”

“Thank you Pepe Christian Fruean and Digicel Samoa for always being there for those in need.”