Digicel Star is Ready for the Pacific Games!


24 June 2019, Apia Samoa.  Powerlifter Oliva Tamatoa Kirisome is ready and aiming for a gold medal in the upcoming Pacific Games.

The Facilities Coordinator for Digicel says he is proud to be representing Samoa, with the games being held in his homeland and his employers being one of the major sponsors of the event.

This will be the third Pacific Games representation for the 34 year old veteran, who won Gold in New Caledonia 2011, and Silver in Papua New Guinea in 2015.

Oliva says he is aiming for no less than Gold this year and that it would be special to win Gold on his home turf.

Growing up Oliva recalls that he was always very big, and known as the bulky kid at school, so many encouraged him to become a rubgy player.  As Oliva grew older his interests switched to Powerlifting, and he has become a successful ambassador for the sport in the past six years.

He currently holds various records in Powerlifting for Oceania, Asia and the Pacific Games.

Speaking about his work environment, the Facilities Coordinator says that he has been able to pursue his passion with the support of Digicel Samoa, balancing his work duties with his sporting career.

“Digicel provides a very supportive environment for me as a powerlifter for Samoa; they allow me to go after my goal of powerlifting, and provide flexi hours for my national training, as well as gym membership for the staff. I’m grateful to Digicel and also really proud that they are the major sponsors for the Pacific Games,” said Oliva.

A message from Digicel for their Star Powerlifter: “We wish him all the best! Your DigiFamily will be there all the way!”