Digicel Samoa Staff Take Action to Make a Difference on International Change Makers Day


On Monday, 5th June 2023, Digicel’s head office management and staff will be out of the office giving back to the community through various projects to mark International Change-makers Day.

This was the announcement by Digicel Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Seuseu in a televised statement.

“On Monday 5th June 2023 a majority of our dedicated staff will not be in the office, they will be out in the community volunteering their time and expertise for International Change-makers Day.”

“International Change-makers day holds great significance for us, because it’s a day where we come together to contribute to causes that matter.”

“It is an opportunity for us to extend our support beyond our regular services and directly impact the lives of those in need.”

“Our incredible team led by their dedication and passion will be actively involved in a range of community service projects throughout the day.. they will be assisting with local initiatives, that foster positive change, uplifting our communities and supporting those who need it most.”

“This initiative, is our way of giving back. It’s also a heartfelt expression of gratitude to each and every one of you our valued customers; without your support none of what we are going to do would be possible.”

“We genuinely believe that we are BETTER together.”

So on behalf of our Digicel team i want to say thank you for choosing us as your service provider and thank you for enabling us to be a forceful good for our communities.”

Digicel retail stores and customer care services will still remain open during normal business hours.

“These teams will be available to assist you with any inquiries or support..”