Digicel Miss Samoa Premiere Night a Success


The Miss Samoa pageant kicked off tonight with the judging for introduction, sarong and puletasi categories, held at Friendship Park in a first-ever open-to-the-public for free premiere night event.

Fastest Network in all four Pacific countries Digicel operates in.

The country and the Samoa diaspora across the globe got its first live look at this year’s 10 contestants in competition mode, and if social media is anything to go by, there are a few already pulling ahead of the rest before final judging on Saturday night.

Beautiful designs were on display, including designs by renowned Samoan designers such as Afa Ah Loo and the Leulumoega School of Fine Arts. 

Each outfit was accompanied by (very detailed) descriptions outlining the importance of our environment, culture and heritage. 

Some contestants also used the opportunity to highlight and raise awareness for important issues such as climate change and the environment, violence against women, and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

There were also several performances from local and overseas based groups, all adding to the wonderful atmosphere of the night. 

All in all, this viewer enjoyed the free entry and is excited to see the progress of an event that has become the highlight of the Teuila Festival over the years.

One thing is certain. There are ten confident, beautiful and intelligent young women competing for the Miss Samoa crown this year.

This year’s competition will be tough, and we do not envy the judges. If tonight is anything to go by, they have their work cut out for them. And we brace ourselves for the court of public opinion that awaits to judge their final picks. 

Meantime we like the way that Digicel’s own Charlize Leo had posted her Top 3 Favorites for each category from tonight’s premiere event.

“They are not predictions” says Charlize, just her Top 3 favs from the categories. No faiga poga, no unnecessary abusive remarks, just a simple list of “My Favorites” ♥️


What are your Top 3 Favorite picks for the three categories that have been judged tonight? (Watch the Live on Radio Samoa or TV1).

All the best to the contestants. 

And the judges.

And well done to STA and Onomea Productions for a successful premiere Miss Samoa pageant night!

See you Saturday!