Diesel and Kerosene Prices Drop for January 2023

Line up for petrol. Photo: Julius Netzler, SGN.

Diesel has dropped by 20 sene and kerosene by 8 sene for January 2023 bringing some relief to the soaring cost of living and inflation rates in Samoa.

It’s Back to School time at SSAB.

The Ministry of Finance have released January fuel prices confirming a drop in diesel for January from $4.16 per litre to $3.96 per litre.

Kerosene has dropped from $3.57 per litre in December to $3.49 per litre for January.

Petrol prices will remain at the December rate of $3.34 per litre.

The Minister of Finance attributes the current state of fuel and petrol prices to economic recessions around the globe.

This is predicted to further impact world fuel prices and Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (O.P.E.C.) supply controls.

Meantime the fluctuating cost of diesel prices continues to be attributed to the Russia-Ukraine war, causing reduced supplies of petroleum products from Russia into Europe.

Although there has been some improvement recorded in the last month, the weakended state of the Samoa Tala against the US dollar continues to impact the already soaring prices of imported goods.

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