Diabetes and Hypertension can be REVERSED


Talofa Samoa, my name is Gagau Siaki. I am a woman of 61 years of age from the village of Samalaeulu. I developed Diabetes and Hypertension more than 10 years ago. In spite of being on diabetic and hypertension pills for all these years, my condition became worse. I felt my body become weaker and finally I hardly could keep walking.

I am so impressed when METI’s program arrived in my village. My extended family has a history of diabetes and most of them died because of this disease. But I am very happy when I heard for the first time that diabetes and hypertension could be reversed. The moment I attended METI’s Health Seminar delivered in our village, I started the so-called reversal diet right from that time. I have been on this diet now for one month and two weeks. After two weeks on the diet, I stopped taking my pills and my blood pressure and blood sugar became normal. I felt my body lighter. I am back to my normal duties as I was used to before I developed Hypertension and Diabetes.

Thank you very much, to my dear family, for supporting me with my diet, also to the lady called the ‘Taiala’ (frontline multi-disciplinary community worker trained by METI) in my village for teaching and helping me to cook the right food. A big thank you to METI for this program in my village and especially for their message of hope that saved my life from this progressive disease.

Source – Meti Samoa